The Colebrook area is a beautiful region of sparkling lakes and rivers, soaring ridges and mountains, and a landscape beautified by the interspersion of farm, field, small town and forest. The region is home to around 10,000 fiercely independent, resourceful people who work hard and play hard, too.

      Due to its good fortune to be situated along the border with Canada and Quebec's Eastern Townships, the area's population is largely Francophone and many of its inhabitants are bilingual. The U.S.-Canadian border along this remote stretch ranks among the friendliest and most trouble-free borders in the world.

      Because the Sentinel's territory straddles the 45th Parallel and is at the meeting point of three major weather systems, the region experiences some of the fastest-changing, most severe weather in the nation. Winter lasts from late October to early May, and there have been years in which a hard frost has occurred in every summer month (1995 being the last).

      New Hampshire's Great North Woods and Vermont's Northeast Kingdom have evolved into true, four-season vacation destinations, offering something for all who truly love the great outdoors. It's all here--hundreds of miles of snowmachine and cross-country ski trails, downhill ski areas, plenty of uncrowded golf and tennis, miles of seldom-traveled hiking trails, endless places to motorboat or canoe, remote high-country ponds to fish, and accommodations ranging from rustic housekeeping cabins to the luxurious Balsams Grand Resort Hotel.



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